Dealer Discounts

At Max Inc we constantly trying to bring in the best quality products we can at the best prices. However as dealers you all know the cost of doing business in SA is extremely high. Our 20% Discount to dealers when all is said and done when one factors in Bank fees, Payfast fees, Shopify fees etc works out to almost 30% discount.

Due to our low margins this is something we can no longer afford to do. The weakening Rand has put us in a difficult position, instead of pushing our prices up we have decided to take the hit as a company and rather let the customer benefit from unchanged prices.

Therefore as of March 2020 the 20% dealer discount has ceased to exist. But not all is lost, we still have our Loyalty Points system in place. For every rand spent you get 1 point. As you accumulate points you will be sent discount codes. 6500 points will get you a R400 discount for example.The more you spend the more discount you will get.

We have now seen a number of companies going this route including Lowbrow Customs in the US who we do business with. We are first and foremost a retail company and have the economic times in SA have forced us to stick to exactly this!

All the best

Mauricio Tavares