Desert Fox 3L Fuel Cell

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Designed for Enduro and touring adventure riders, the Trail 3 L Motorcycle Fuel Bladder is the ideal medium to carry extra fuel.

Suitable for the top of panniers, top boxes or where space is at a premium. Compact enough to fit into most hydro packs.

Trial 3L fuel bladder features:

  • Daisy chains and D-Rings allow the cell to be strapped in almost any position.
  • Strong, lightweight and easy to store when not required, leaving you with more space when it is needed most.
  • 3 L capacity,    Width 24 cm x 40 cm Length
  • Weight when empty 300g
  • Supplied with a fuel spout that stores inside a dust-proof integrated pouch.
  • D rings and daisy chains are suitable for use with tie downs or Bungee cords.
  • Also suitable for water, provided that the cell has not been used for fuel before.