Flick-It Access control

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Please Note: The new ET remotes(light blue front/dark blue back in colour) are unable to work with the Flick it unit. The old purple ET remote is needed for the unit to accept the code, please call 011 455 1328 or email info@maxinc.co.za for more information on how to make it work.


Replace the remote controls for your gate and garage doors with the flick of your headlights. Flick-iT is a small device that is installed onto your car or motorcycle. This device is picked up by standard gate and garage door receivers and can also transmit the signal over a good distance. Each device can store up to 3 codes, thus eliminating the need to carry a bunch of unnecessary remotes around on your key-chain.

Simply flick your headlights when approaching your gate for it to open. Basically your high beam becomes your gate or garage remote!

This item is available for installation out our fitment centre for R499


  • Less distractions and increased awareness of your surroundings when approaching your property
  • No more flat remote batteries
  • Cost effective
  • Works effectively up to 40 meters away from your garage
  • 12 month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Eliminates loss or damage to expensive remotes
  • Can replace up to 3 remotes

How it works

Your gate motor remote is programmed into the unit so that the unit knows the type of remote you are using.

Once it has learned your remote, the unit is then coded to your gate motor. Just like programing a new remote. Therefore you will put your gate receiver in learn mode and instead of pressing a button remote, you will flick your headlights either once or twice to pair with your gate motor.

Therefore it is a 2 step process

1. Program your current remote to the flick it unit

2. Program the flick it unit to your gate reciever