MAX HD Highway Bar Switchback Driving Lights with Indicator

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These are the creme of the crop! Please don't confuse these with inferior versions sold at a higher price! These feature a COB LED board and the DRL is extremely bright improving daytime visibility considerably.

The onboard chip interrupts the DRL when the indicator is switched on turning the DRL off completely. Once the indicator is switched off the DRL comes back on with a short delay. Just like your modern European cars!

They are designed for crash bars of 32mm in diameter like the ones on Harley Davidson.

This MAX product carries a 1 year guarantee!


  1. Fits all Highway bars / Crash Bars 32mm in diameter
  2. High shine chrome finish
  3. Metal construction
  4. Silicone wires
  5. Includes mounting rubbers to protect your crash bars
  6. Simple 3 wire set up
  7. Sold in sets of 2 (Left and Right)
  8. 12v - Low power consumption of under 10w