Samsung Galaxy S8 Kit - Case & Handlebar Mount

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This Kit includes the Ultimate Addons Tough Mount case as well as the Handlebar Pro Attachment which fits Handlebars 19-33mm

Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultimateaddons Waterproof Tough Mount Case
This hard plastic IPX 5 waterproof tough case is bespoke to the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.  As this case is dedicated to the Galaxy S8 and not universal it has been moulded to fit the Galaxy S8 giving you access to volume controls, power buttons, finger print recognition and much more.   From the ground up this case has been designed to allow you to mount to your bike, power your Galaxy S8 with a Ultimateaddons cable to ensure the IPX5 waterproof rating.
Some options are available, you may only need the case on it's own, or the option to have a male or female 1" ball adapter plate to fit to some existing mounting kit.

Pro Attachment
This professional vehicle attachment will allow you to attach Ultimateaddons® dedicated holders, waterproof cases and other device holders to your vehicle.
On the top of the attachment is an adjustable ball with 3 prong plate with 2 push locking buttons, this can be adjusted 360° and also tilted to give you a better viewing angle. 

This attachment will attach to your vehicle handlebars securely and can be used on a variety of handle bar diameters ranging from approximately 19-33mm.


  • Ideal for attaching a wide range of devices to your vehicle
  • Rotate 360° / Tilt Swivel
  • Adjustable diameter approx 19-33mm
  • Strong robust design
  • Secure 3 prong system with 2 locking push buttons,
  • Ideal for attaching GPS/Smartphones
  • Compatible with a range of Ultimateaddons® holders
  • Compatible with a large range of bikes
  • Ultimateaddons Brand
  • 12 Months Warranty

What's Included
1 x Ultimateaddons® Professional vehicle 19-33mm Handlebar Mount Attachment

1 x Ultimateaddons® Dedicated Samsung S8 Case