Sequential LED Tail Light - Fluid Indicators

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The latest version of our popular Flexible Tail Light features even brighter COB Led's, Fluid running indicators and a strobing stop Light.

This is possibly the brightest flexible LED tail light on the market today. The secret lies in the latest tech COB (Chip on Board) LED's which remain on at full power. When applying brakes the tail light simply flashes for increased visibility.

The indicators flow the entire length of the unit from left to right, or right to left. Applying the brake will momentarily interrupt the indicators and show the strobing stop light. This is the latest technology in increased visibility. Please see the video below to see the tail light in operation


  • Flexible
  • Dual Color, switchback function
  • 12-24v Operating Voltage
  • PVC Construction
  • COB LED's
  • Strobing Stop Light
  • Fluid Indicators
  • Length - 290mm

Wiring instructions:

  • Red: Running taillight
  • Black: Earth wire, negative
  • Yellow: Brake light, Strobes red 
  • Blue: Left turn
  • Green: Right turn

NOTE: Do not over bend the unit, do not bend to 90 Degrees. Designed to follow a rear tail section.

Universal Packaging is used, packaging mentions a remote control and settings. There is no remote or settings for this unit.